A new private check-in/security area at SFO (video)

follow this link to the 1.5 min videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRHRzSzaBU4

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4 Responses to A new private check-in/security area at SFO (video)

  • Ali Aarts says:

    I finally just watched your video and thought the Elite area is great. However, if you are just Premier can you use it or do you have to be Premier Exec or even as high as 1K? Definitely a nice touch but I too wonder who is paying for the extra TSA inspectors.

  • Deb Levitan says:

    So, is United subsidizing the pay of the TSA inspectors for the use of U. S. Government employee (contractors at SFO) to provide special services for their “Premier” passengers? There are just so many inspectors available and how does United get TSA employees dedicated solely in the inspection services of their “Premier” passengers??? Is this at the expense of every other passenger using the airport? When the airports/airlines provided security services prior to 9/11 this would be OK. Now it is a U. S. Taxpayer provided service to all passengers, and should be provided equally to all, unless of course, the airlines are paying for this “special privilege for their “premier” passengers.

  • DavidC says:

    I like the new Elite digs for UA—especially since they are so close to BART. And I love exiting security and being plopped right in front of Burger King 

  • GoAmtrak says:

    Thanks for the vid, Chris. Reviews for the new UA Premier Lobby and security area on FlyerTalk have been decidedly mixed. The consensus seems to be that the convenience factor of the new digs depends on your arriving mode of transportation to SFO, the location of your gate, and the time of day. As they say, your mileage may vary.

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