Bienvenue! Air France A380 lands at SFO (VIDEO)

Today Air France’s big new A380 touched down at SFO for the first time. I was very excited to get special access to the runways and tarmac to shoot this two-minute video.

Check out how close we were to this leviathan as it gracefully touched down. And watch the special water cannon welcome salute from the SFO fire department.

I did not have the chance to see the interior of this big bird, but you can check out interior photos of all three classes here.

Looking out over the summer, roundtrip coach fares between San Francisco and Paris are running in the $1100 to $1500 range. Business class roundtrip summer sale fares are in the $3000 range- not bad compared to standard business class fares which normally runs closer to the $6K-$8K mark.


  • JK

    Chris - I’m so bummed you didn’t invite me to join you!!! I actually had it on my calendar to go out to SFO and watch the plane land, and then got stuck at work. I guess I’ll have more chances, since both Air France and Luftansa have daily flights. Thanks for posting the photos - that First Class section is tres sexy! Worried about biz, however - did Air France make the same mistake as Luftansa and install those tilt-a-beds? Jeez!

  • Dean

    Even though I’m a lifelong Boeing fan, I’m also an addicted planespotter. This is a beautiful piece with great footage.