CLEAR security lanes return to SFO

CLEAR, which offers expedited access to airport security lines for $179/year, announced today it will launch its service at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) on May 23, just ahead of the Memorial Day weekend travel crush.

CLEAR lanes will be located at every terminal at SFO, allowing every passenger on any airline to use their biometrics to speed through security. “We are thrilled to bring CLEAR’s biometric platform to San Francisco, a city synonymous with innovation and efficiency. SFO joins CLEAR’s growing network of airport partners bringing much needed speed and predictability to the travel experience,” said CLEAR CEO Caryn Seidman-Becker.

CLEAR Lanes are now available only at Orlando and Denver. SFO will be the third airport to join since the company sprang back to life after a hasty retreat in 2009. Dallas-Ft Worth Airport is apparently next on the list, although no formal date has been announced.

CLEAR says it has a base of more than 200,000 members across the U.S., including about 40,000 in San Francisco. San Francisco International is introducing CLEAR says the launch means 85 new private sector jobs, enhanced security, and new revenue for the airport. For more info, see www.CLEARme.com.

Interested? Is predictability at airport security worth $179 per year? Please leave your comments below.

  • chris

    You are correct CCW. CLEAR gets you to the head of the line for domestic security screening. Global Entry gets you to the SHORTER line… used for biometric screening, at US Immigration when returning from international flights. Eventually, membership in Global Entry should help get you into the TSA’s new “precheck” program, but that is currently not available at any Bay Area airports. — chris

  • ccw

    I used to have CLEAR before it disappeared. My recollection is that CLEAR bypasses the regular security line when checking in. Global Entry is for bypassing passport security when (re-) entering the U.S.

    CLEAR is very pricey, I think I got a free year via AmEx or Hyatt back in 2008. I won’t be renewing now that they are back. If you fly business, CLEAR is comparable to the expedited access function the Business / First Class security lines give you (as they have at SFO) as you make your way from checkin to gate.

  • Nick

    Global Entry, Clear, how many more? Does this work for international and Domestic departures? $180/ seems steep when Gloobal Entry is a one time $100 cost. Can’t see the value very clearly right now, and they will need an office at SFO pronto.