Runway closure at SFO could cause big delays

Are you planning to fly to/from SFO this weekend? Even if the fog stays away, you might be delayed. 

First it was Bay Area bridges… now it’s airport runways! Authorities announced today that San Francisco International Airport will temporarily close Runway 28L, one of its two primary arrival runways, from Friday, June 1, 2012, at 8:00 p.m. PDT to 8:00 a.m. PDT on Monday, June 4, 2012.  Runway 28R, as well as departure Runways 01L, and 01R will remain open and operational throughout the closure period.

The weekend closure will allow construction crews to modify lighting and distance remaining signs and also install infrastructure for the Airport’s new Runway Status Lights.

As a result, during the closure, the arrival rate at SFO will be reduced from 60 aircraft per hour to 30 aircraft per hour and delays, particularly for flights originating within two hours of SFO, are expected to occur during peak travel times.  Travelers are strongly encouraged to contact their respective carriers regarding any potential delays associated with this weekend’s construction work.

The construction is the first phase of the federally mandated Runway Safety Area project at SFO, which is expected to be completed in the Fall of 2014.


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2 Responses to Runway closure at SFO could cause big delays

  • John says:

    According to what I’ve read, the FAA restricts the concurrent use of both runways during inclement weather or when visibility falls below a certain threshold, due to insufficient lateral separation between the two arrival runways.

    Given that, and the fact that runway expansion is a non-starter, for a variety of factors, why hasn’t SFO taken any actions to rectify the situation?

    Whatever happened to the control and navigation systems upgrade that would supposedly allow the FAA to lift the restriction?

    As it stands, the city built itself a new mansion (Int. terminal) and renovated the guest house (T2), but the path leading to the estate is still an unpaved dirt road, and is basically impassible whenever it rains.

  • chris says:

    sent via email from reader NB:
    I had a weird experience last month: Flew into OAK and our SWA flight landed on the corporate airport runway, since (I learned later) the one and only OAK runway had been damaged the day before and was undergoing repairs. I had a window seat and could see the regular runway in the distance as we descended and got close, hoping and praying the pilots knew where they were going. I wish inseat video screens (not that SWA has them, but…) had cameras out the front of the cockpit window so we pax could see where we are going.

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