Do you trust hotel review sites? [Infographic]

Copenhagen's elegant Hotel D'Angleterre re-opens May 1 after a 2-year re-do (Chris McGinnis)

Copenhagen’s elegant Hotel D’Angleterre re-opens May 1 after a 2-year re-do (Chris McGinnis)

Nearly every traveler I know (including me) checks out hotels on TripAdvisor before making a booking. I’m sure you do, too. Right? The infographic below provides an interesting look at how travelers use the review sites and what makes them trustworthy. It also provides some tips on spotting “fake” reviews. (The infographic was prepared by Olery, an online reputation management company for hotels.)

How do YOU feel about hotel review sites? Do you use them? Trust them? Other than TripAdvisor, which sites do you find most helpful?

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Chris McGinnis


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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001181202758 Michael James

    I use and have written up a review or two regarding Hotels I have stayed in. If I have a complaint, I will include photos. I also have hear back from Hotels and received a benefit on the next visit.

  • ray

    I trust trip advisor because this are travellers in all walk of life. I cancelled some hotel reservations because of bad reviews and choose hotels that has good reviews. So far all are good and right on the money. I never trust a review by a reputable reviewer as they get paid to do this not actually how they see it as a backpacker traveller.