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United to allow handhelds below 10k feet

JetBlue passengers celebrate relaxation of inflight electronics rules (JetBlue)

JetBlue passengers celebrate relaxation of inflight electronics rules (JetBlue)

United and American announced today that they have obtained FAA permission for passenger use of electronics on board aircraft below 10,000 feet- the FAA granted permission almost immediately to both JetBlue and Delta last week. Other airlines (including Virgin America and Southwest) will have to wait a few more weeks until they get FAA approval.

A Virgin America spokesperson told The BAT: “We’re in the process of applying through the new process and hope to implement the changes as soon as possible, with the goal of having the change live in November — in time for the holidays.”

As you know, this was previously deemed to be a safety threat to the aircraft’s electronics and navigation systems. But following significant review, the FAA has determined that is not the case. In fact, many pilots have been using iPads in place of bulky flight manuals, and Delta recently introduced handheld devices for flight attendants, which tend to remain on during all phases of flight, to handle in-flight sales and customer service issues.

Virgin America customers will have to wait a few more weeks for FAA approval for handheld use below 10K (Photo: Virgin America)

Virgin America customers will have to wait a few more weeks for FAA approval for handheld use below 10K (Photo: Virgin America)

The lifting of this unpopular rule will allow passengers to read books or listen to music while taxiing on the ground or in the first final phases of flight. Devices must be in airplane mode under 10,000 feet meaning there is no transmission of data (cell phone or Internet use).

According to United’s release,  this only applies to handheld devices like phones or tablets… laptops will likely still have to be stowed  for landing- but I’m not sure why a laptop poses any more danger than a tablet. And it’s an increasingly fine line separating tablets from laptops. Time will tell…

Wireless Internet via Gogo will NOT be available below 10,000 feet- A Gogo spokesperson told The BAT that “it’s a little of both” when we asked if usage was not possible due to FAA rule, or because the service simply does not work below 10K feet.

Flight attendants are surely pleased with this new rule as it keeps them from having to patrol every single device, but it is still unclear how crew will be checking to see if devices are in airplane mode. During taxi and before takeoff, there is nothing to stop a sneaky passenger from checking their email on a smart phone unless a crewmember was to catch them!

What about you? Have you ever left your phone in transmission mode under 10K feet? Do you think that cell phone transmissions can truly impact navigational equipment? Please leave your comments below… 

-Chris McGinnis 

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