Singapore Air girl vs. Korean Air girl. Who wins?

Asian carriers Singapore Airlines and Korean Air recently launched splashy new ad campaigns. Which one do you like best? Or least? Does this type of advertising appeal to you or not?

Singapore Airlines new ad campaign (new this month) starts off with the famous “Singapore Girl” strolling through the streets of San Francisco. The scene then morphs into a stroll through several cities in India, France and China.

Normally conservative Korean Air raised a lot of eyebrows last year with the launch of this sexy new TV campaign.

I like both of them! What you YOU think? Leave comments below.

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6 Responses to “Singapore Air girl vs. Korean Air girl. Who wins?”

  • The KE advert is very stylish and cool but SQ uses their actual Stewardesses in their adverts. So that gives SQ the win!

  • teo:

    Wow they are both awesome! The SQ one is almost poignant and touching from the start, whereas the KE one starts kind of ho-hum but builds to a dramatic and exciting finish! Would love to see either of these on TV

  • Dean:

    Singapore! It’s sophisticated just like their service and the brand.

  • Anthonyv8:

    Singapore, hands down. More than just a pretty girl, it evokes a serenity that is the very opposite of how most of us experience air travel, but it’s certainly aspirational.

  • JK:

    How could I not prefer an ad that starts out in my hometown of San Francisco? Singapore’s ad is much classier & focused.

  • Singapore Air girl vs. Korean Air girl. Who wins? Singapore Air!

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