Top 10 countries that have the most fun

Argentines party for the new Pope (Photo: AP)

Argentines have fun celebrating the new Pope (Photo: AP)

When traveling for business or on vacation, do you notice that people in some countries seem to be having a lot more fun than others? Maybe even more fun than us fun-loving Americans?

Young Americans have fun on an average of 12 days month – more than Canadians, most Europeans and even Brazilians, according to the world’s first study to rank nationalities by how often they have fun.

The U.S. ranks sixth of 17 countries in the global fun league compiled by Badoo.com, a social networking site that bills itself as a place “for chatting, flirting, dating and meeting new people, with over 170 million users across 180 countries.”

The real secret to having fun, however, appears to be living somewhere hot, ideally in Latin America and preferably Spanish-speaking. Argentinians and Mexicans top Badoo’s global fun rankings, while Poles and Russians rank last, with neither having much fun at all.

Badoo asked 17,000 people in 17 countries and four continents, “How often do you really have fun (such as when going out socially or seeing friends)?” Those polled were mainly in their twenties and thirties.

Here are the results of that poll:

Question: Approximately how often would you say that you really have fun and a good time?

Rank Country Days fun/month % Having fun “most days”
1 Argentina 14.8 41.6%
2 Mexico 13.7 36.8
3 Turkey 13 35.1
4 Spain 12.9 34.2
5. Germany 12.1 31.1
6. USA 11.7 30.8
7. Italy 11.6 29.6
8. UK 11.3 29.2
9. Netherlands 11.2 28.5
10. Brazil 10.9 26.1
11. Switzerland 10.3 23.5
12. Thailand 10.2 26.1
13. Canada 9.9 22.7
14. France 9.7 20.9
15. Belgium 8.8 19.5
16. Russia 6.7 12.9
17. Poland 5.3 9.0
Source: Badoo.com

Badoo found that Americans have less fun than the Germans, who, Munich’s famous Octoberfest beer bash aside, are better known for hard work and efficiency than as legendary funsters.

Fun: Germany's outdoor beer gardens (Photo: Eigenadam / Flickr)

Fun: Germany’s outdoor beer gardens (Photo: Eigenadam / Flickr)

If the Germans are having more fun than the world thinks, the French are having less. They rank a lowly 14th out of the 17 countries in Badoo’s study; even the Swiss and Canadians have more fun.

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The Spanish top the European fun rankings and rank fourth globally. In spite of Spain’s current economic problems, the Spanish have not forgotten their roots as the country that gave the world flamenco and fiestas, as well as the Hispanic culture and heritage that powered Argentina and Mexico to the top of the world rankings. Could this mean that the most prominent Argentine, the brand new Pope Francis, might bring a little more fun to the Vatican?

Pity the young Poles! While the average young Pole has just fun five days per month, the average young Argentine has three times as many: 15 days a month; one day out of every two.

Based on your travels, do you agree with the finding of Badoo’s study? Which countries do you feel have the most fun? In which countries do YOU have the most fun? Please leave your comments below. 


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